Privacy Policy

by Harinder Singh

The privacy policy offers different ways by which Exploring Bharat uses your information that is provided by you whenever you visit the website The main aim of our website is to offer you a unique and tailored experience that is well-suited to your needs.

The website uses cookies to save your information,but this is done only with the motive to provide a better experience to you as a user. We take extra care to keep all your data and information completely safe and secure.

Please read every aspect of the privacy policy with utmost care so that you know how we handle your data. When you use or register with our website, it means that you agree with our privacy policy. This policy is not applicable to your information that is collected on another website including the websites that advertise on our webpage.

You must also note that this policy can be modified at any time so you must come back often to check on any modifications or changes in this policy.

Type of Information Collected

Generally, when you sign up on our website, we collect information like your email address, passwords, phone numbers,etc. But if we want any specific information like your identity cards, home or office address, we never do it without your consent. For example, if we are running any campaigns and giving away gifts, we would need your information to get in touch with you and send you the gifts. So, in such cases, we will ask you for your personal information,and you will have the option to not give it to us.

Our servers might collect information about your location or computer automatically when you visit our website. It might also detect the type of browser you use and guess the device that you are using. These are some of the information that we record,but we do not misuse it or give it to the third party.

How Does the Website Use Information?

The website uses your username as well as the password to ensure that you get prompt access to the website’s login portal. In addition to that, all the personal information you share with the website will only be used to enhance your experience as a customer and to deliver you the service you request for from the website.

We might also use your information that has been shared by you to communicate with you so that we can improve the nature of the services we provide and tailor all those services to meet your requirements. Under no circumstances, the information shared by you will be used by us for our own personal gain.